Bypass Chase 5/24 Online With “Selected For You”/”Just For You” Offers [Check For Updated Offers]


Update 5/8/21: More people targeted.

Update 2/7/20: More people targeted.

Update 1/12/20: More people targeted, including offers for the 75,000 Southwest deal. Hat tip to reader Mac

Update 11/16/19: More people targeted. Hat tip to reader Leonardo M

Update 7/12/19: Worth checking for more targeted offers.

Update 5/20/19: Reader Jeff reports seeing a selected offer for you under the balance information section of one of their credit cards. Offer wasn’t showing in the regular just for you section, so worth double checking your accounts.

Update 4/22/19: Another round of offers has gone out, this time for 60,000 points on the Chase Sapphire Preferred with the annual fee waived.

Update 4/7/19: All offers should now have been loaded. Even if you checked on the 2nd I’d recommend doing another check.

Update 4/2/19: More offers have been loaded. As I understand more people will be targeted through tomorrow as well.

Update 3/18/19: Some people are seeing a 70,000 point offer on the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Annual fee is not waived, but this is still a fantastic deal.

Update 1/18/19: Lots of people are seeing offers for the Chase Sapphire Preferred currently. Worth looking to see if you have this offer. Keep in mind the 48 month Sapphire language still applies. Given the number of people targeted, I’m somewhat worried that maybe these aren’t bypassing 5/24 anymore. Please share your datapoints in the comments if you pull the trigger. Confirmed to still bypass 5/24.

Update: It’s working again, yay!

Update: No longer working unfortunately.

Update: It looks like United cards are now showing up under “Selected For You” offers. This is consistent with the fact that they also show up for in branch pre-approvals that also bypass 5/24. Hat tip to reader Wizmanison.

Today I read an interesting post on The Travel Sisters about seeing Chase offers ‘selected for you’. It seems that some people are seeing ‘selected for you’ offers in their account and these offers are bypassing the Chase 5/24 rule. To see if you have one of these offers. The offers are appearing in a banner on the left hand side of your screen, under your Ultimate Rewards balance on the Accounts page (this link might also work) (might also be under ‘explore products’).

Note, if you see a link that says ‘explore Chase credit cards’ and then displays all the cards and doesn’t say ‘selected for you’ with the green check mark then you don’t have any of these offers. It will also only show up if you see the new website design (and this won’t show if you have business cards).


Thanks to reader Rediff for image


These offers are different to the Chase pre-qualified offers (e.g it’s possible to have these selected for you offers and not pre-qualified offers). I’m wondering if these are the online equivalent to the Chase in branch pre-approvals? It seems only Chase branded cards will show up (e.g Chase Sapphire Reserve) and not co-branded cards (e.g Chase IHG).

Obviously this is relatively new, so if you find these offers in your account and apply please share your datapoints. Might also be interesting to know if you’ve been pre-approved in branch or not (or at least have/don’t have in branch offers).

Thanks again goes to The Travel Sisters for making me aware of this, their post has more pictures that might be useful to readers.

Data Points

  • Successfully bypassed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Declined due to 5/24 or other reasons: 1, 2

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