Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s: 4x Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards (12/11-12/17)

The Offer

Stop&ShopGiantMartin’s (not yet showing)

  • Giant/Stopandshop/Martin’s have an offer for December 11 – 17 to get 4x fuel points on the purchase Visa gift cards.

Gift cards generally don’t earn fuel points at all at Giant/S&S/Martin’s, but occasionally they release offers like this to get points on gift card purchases.

Gas Points Details

Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon at Shell, up to 20 gallons. If you have 1000 points, you’ll get $1 off. If you have 1500 points, you’ll get $1.50 off per gallon (max $1.50 discount in most). Points can be used at partner Shell locations.

Points are now usable on groceries as well, with a value of 100 points equaling a $1 discount.

  • You have 30 days to select whether you want to use the points on gas or groceries, then 30 days to actually use them.
  • See the FAQ for more details. Some of the details vary by area and store.
  • Points usually are available immediately, but I’ve had on occasion where it took a day until they showed up and were usable.

Our Verdict

Wow, can’t remember the last time they had 4x, it’s usually 2x or 3x. Concurrently, they’ll also be running fuel point deals of 10x on Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s (for the second week in a row), as well as 10x on Giving Good and Happy Holidays gift cards.

Fuel points can be used to discount groceries as well, making these deals more widely useful. Use a card that earns a bonus at the grocery. Note: many SS/Giant stores have implemented a $2,000 limit in gift card purchases each day (previously the limit was $5,000). They also require putting it all on a single card.

Hat tip to reader Chase-ing UR points

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Bank Amerideals/Chase Offers: Save 5%-15% at IHG Brands, Max $31 Cashback

Update 12/9/20: New deal available through January 11, 2020. Offers are for 5%, 10% or 15% back up to $43, $44 or $66.

The Offer

Check your Bank Amerideals for the following offer:

  • Get 10% back on your IHG purchases of $100 or more. $31 cash back maximum. Eligible brands are:
    • Holiday Inn
    • Holiday Inn Express
    • Staybridge Suites
    • Candlewood Suites
    • Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts
    • Crowne Plaza
    • Hotel Indigo
    • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants


A number of banks use the same back end for these offers. This includes: Chase, Bank of America, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, and Christian Community CU. You can read this post for more information.

The Fine Print

  • Payment for your completed stay must be made by 9/14/20.

Our Verdict

Don’t forget to stack this with the 4x points on stays offer.

Hat tip to FM

Post history:

  • Update 9/21/20: New deal available through 9/24/20.
  • Update 9/14/20: New deal available through 9/21/20.
  • Update 8/2/20: Deal is back through 9/14/2020. Some more brands added this time (in bold below). Some people have 5% instead of 10%


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[Targeted] Chase: Download Chase App & Get $5 Bonus

Update 12/9/20: More people targeted. Valid until 12/31/20. Hat tip to reader Tomtoo

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer (Subject: We’ll thank you with a $5 statement credit when you try out the Chase Mobile app)

  • Get a $5 statement credit when you download the Chase app and sign into the app by 07/31/2020.

The Fine Print

  • You will receive a $5 statement credit with this bonus offer.
  • To qualify for and receive your bonus, sign in to the Chase Mobile app by 08/31/19.
  • Limit (1) $5 statement credit per customer or card account.
  • Statement credit will appear on your statement as a stand-alone transaction independent of any purchase transaction.
  • After qualifying, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for the statement credit to post to your account.
  • To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.
  • Your participation in this program may result in miscellaneous income and may be reportable to you and the IRS, on a Form 1099-MISC (miscellaneous income) or Form 1042-S (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding) for the year in which the income is paid. You are responsible for any tax liability related to participating in this program. Please consult your tax advisor if you have any questions about the impact to your personal income tax returns.

Our Verdict

Personally, I’d give this one a miss to avoid potentially having to deal with another tax form.

Hat tip to reader JZ and Ernest

Post history:

  • Update 7/25/20: Deal available again for some until 07/31/2020

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Delta Airlines Announces Removal Of Change Fees For International Flights

Earlier this year Delta announced the removal of change fees on domestic U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands flights. Today Delta has announced that this policy will be extended to include international flights as well. This applies to:

  • No change fees on Delta tickets for travel originating from North America to anywhere in the world (including flights operated by joint venture and codeshare partners).
  • Basic Economy fares are excluded.

American Airlines had announced a similar change in November.

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New Coin Deal This Thursday ($400 In Spend + Profit)

Tomorrow the US Mint will be launching a new limited edition Limited Edition 2020 Silver Proof Set. You can purchase two sets per household. Each set costs $201 and there is a $4.95 shipping charge. If you purchase two sets your total cost will be $406.95. Some coin resellers are offering to purchase the coins for $406.95 + some profit for yourself.

I always recommend locking in a price with a reputable seller before making the purchase, that way you’re not stuck with coins you don’t want that might drop in price. You can also use a credit card to purchase these coins, so it can be a nice way to meet minimum spend requirements. Remember that American Express will consider precious metal coins as a cash advance starting January 15, 2021. Deal goes live Thursday, December 10th – at 12:00PM ET

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Amazon: Save on Giftcards for Happy Eats, Gap, UberEats, Build-A-Bear

Amazon how a few gift card deals available now:

Find all gift card deals on Amazon (affiliate link)

  • $50 Happy Eats physical gift card for $39.50
  • Buy $50 in Gap e-gift cards and get $10 off with promo code GAP2020
  • Buy $100 in UberEATS e-gift cards and get $15 off with promo code EATS2020
  • $50 Build-A-Bear physical gift card for $39

You can use UberEATS gift cards for regular Uber as well. It’s possible some of the other deals on Amazon will stack on top of this as well. Other deals still available:

  • $50 in Famous Footwear e-gift cards for $40 with promo code FOOT20
  • $99.99 in DAZN e-gift cards for $84.99 with promo code DAZN15
  • $50 in Twitch e-gift cards for $40 with promo code TWITCH2020
  • $49.99 in Hostar e-gift cards for $40 with promo code STAR20

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[YMMV] American Express Blue Business Plus 30,000 Points Signup Bonus With $5,000 Spend Pre-approval Offer

Update 12/9/20: More targeted. Hat tip to reader Bob

Update 11/17/20: More people targeted

The Offer

Direct link to offer (keep in mind, this won’t work for everyone)

  • Some people are getting a pre-approval offer on the American Express Blue Business Plus card with a signup bonus of 30,000 points after $5,000 in spend within the first three months of card ownership.

Card Details

  • 2x Membership Rewards points on all purchases for the first $50,000 per calendar year
  • 1x Membership Rewards points on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • No lifetime language
  • 0% APR for first 15 months

Our Verdict

Not sure how widely available this offer is, likely very targeted. Lately they had a weird $300-credits signup bonus, but the standard has been either zero or 10,000 points since launch. We have seen targeted offers as high as 25,000 before, but never 30,000.

It’s not necessarily the best offer as you can technically get a referral from someone who will earn up to 30,000 points, in addition to the 10,000 points signup offer the new cardmember gets. That said, this is quite a good deal given the potential tax implications of referral bonuses whereas signup bonuses are not taxable. 

If you have any questions about American Express cards, read this first as it addresses the common questions.

Hat tip to manageroftheyear

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Swagbucks: Get $102.50 Back On Walmart+ Annual Membership ($98 Cost)

Update 12/9/20: Wow, they’ve now increased the cashback rate to 10,000 Swagbucks ($100) for many people everyone. Plus you can get $2.50 with your first order. I can’t imagine not doing this deal now, only thing left now is the risk if there’s some issue with the tracking. Otherwise, it’s a free year + a few dollar moneymaker (maybe a slight cost if you have sales tax). Similar deal on MyPoints as well. Be sure to turn off adblockers, etc; there’s $100 at stake here. You can also get $10 back with Chase Offers/Bank Amerideal if targeted, making it a moneymaker.

Second update on 12/2/20: apparently, some are still seeing the $75 + $5 offer while others are seeing the $50 + $5 offer. Also, there’s currently a Chase Offer/Bank Amerideal for $10 back which stacks well.

Update 12/2/20: Offer is back down to $50 (plus $5 with shopping); or $10 with monthly paid subscription (plus $5, I think?); or $5 with free trial (plus $5, I think?). Walmart+ got much more interesting due to their new free shipping offer, so I’m reposting this now.

Update 11/2/20: Swagbucks now offering 7,500 Swagbucks (worth $75). You an also get another 500 ($5) with your first purchase of $35+. There’s also a Chase Offer for $10 back which brings down final cost to just $8. (It might code as Walmart to get 5x points with Chase Freedom for Q4 2020 as well.)

Update 10/28/20: Stack with $10 back from Chase Offers.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Swagbucks is offering 5,000 Swagbucks (worth $50) when you sign up for the Walmart+ annual membership which costs $98.
  • You can also get 1,000 Swagbucks (worth $10) when you signup for the monthly membership which costs $12.95.

Regardless which option you choose, you can also get $5 back on your first purchase of $35+ when you signup via Swagbucks. (Purchase must be made with in 21 days of starting your Walmart+ Trial. Cash Back will post within 60 days.)


The Fine Print

  • SB will be awarded after the Free Trial ends.
  • SB will only be earned for the sign up of a Walmart+ Membership.
  • Purchases made at are not eligible for SB

Our Verdict

This is a terrific deal for someone interested in the Walmart+ subscription service; it cuts the cost of the annual fee down less than half. The monthly $10 Swagbucks offer is also interesting for someone who wants to try out the service as it cuts down the cost of one month from $12.95 to just $2.95.

Dosh also has a deal for 5-10% back, but this deal is obviously much better. Can’t hurt to link the card to Dosh as well in case it tracks without the click-through.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

Hat tip to reader AS

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Mygiftcardsplus: Save on Giftcards for Chipotle, DoorDash, Domino’s & More

(12/9/20: Reposting with updated list of available discounts)

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (rotating banner)

Mygiftcardsplus is offering discounts on numerous gift card brands:

  • Get 10% back on Wayfair e-gift cards, up to $500 in purchases.
  • Get 15% cashback on Gap e-gift cards, up to $1,000 in purchases.
  • Get 15% cashback on Chipotle e-gift cards, up to $500 in purchases.
  • Get 20% cashback on Jiffy Lube e-gift cards, up to $500 in purchases.
  • Get 20% cashback on Domino’s e-gift cards, up to $500 in purchases.
  • Get 10% back on DoorDash e-gift cards, up to $200 in purchases.
  • Get 10% back on Panera Bread e-gift cards, up to $200 in purchases.
  • Get 20% back on Steak n’ Shake e-gift cards, up to $500 in purchases.
  • Get 15% back on Brinker e-gift cards, up to $200 in purchases.
  • Get 20% back on Fandango e-gift cards, up to $500 in purchases.

Our Verdict

Some nice discounts. You can also choose your own denomination which is nice. Cash back is in the form of Swagbucks, more details can be found in our review of mygiftcardplus here.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

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Ethereum (ETH) $ 2,210.94 6.61%
Tether (USDT) $ 0.999825 0.05%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 131.96 4.33%
Binance USD (BUSD) $ 0.995726 0.73%
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Walt Disney Company (The)  DIS 
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Airbnb, Inc.  ABNB 
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$0.0000  $0.0000  0.00%  
DoorDash, Inc.  DASH 
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Danimer Scientific, Inc.  DNMR 
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BurgerFi International Inc  BFI 
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