MyPoints/Swagbucks: Moneymakers with Donations to to Sierra Club or ASPCA


Swagbucks/MyPoints have moneymaking offers for making charity donations:

  • Sierra Club: Make a donation of $15 or more to Sierra Club and earn 10,000 Points ($63). Must remain a member for 35 days to receive Points.
    • Looks like you’ll need to end up making two donations of $15 in order to get the points. So you’ll end up at $30 cost and getting 10,000 for first donation + 800 points for second donation. 10,800 is worth around $68.
    • Similar offer available on Swagbucks as well for 6,000SB + 500SB ($65).
  • ASPCA: Earn 10,000 Points when you make a minimum monthly donation of $19 to the ASPCA.
    • Looks like a single $19 donation would still get you the 10,000 points ($63), though the points will pend for 32 days so there is some risk in canceling before the second charge.
    • This one is showing just 3,000SB ($30) on Swagbucks, so not a moneymaker.

Important note: Sierra Club donations are apparently not tax deductible whereas ASPCA donations are tax deductible. As always consult a tax advisor for the ability to use the deduction in this situation.

I stopped posting charity deals since some people aren’t comfortable with moneymakers from charities and since they typically spam a lot of mailers to their donors. Someone sent these in and I decided to post these as they are nice deals and given the ASPCA looks to be tax deductible and would then work well with the $300 above-line charity tax deduction for 2021. As always, do what you’re comfortable with or donate more to ensure the charity does not lose.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

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