Slide App by Get 4-5% Discount At Hundreds Of Retailers By Paying With Gift Card + 5%


Update 1/28/21: Topcashback is offering existing users 4% back and new users 7% back. Hat tip to GC Galore

Update 11/6/20: Slide now added Kroger brands with $100 minimum. Grocery store discounts are not always easy to find, so this is significant. Especially makes sense once you’ve maxed out your Grocery category cards or if Slide is available on a shopping portal. (ht giftcardreport)

Slide App Overview

Direct Link to Slide App | Download on iOS  | Download on Android

Slide app is a new app from that lets you pay at 150+ retailers and get a 4-5% discount on the purchase. Essentially you are buying a gift card from the app with which to make your payment, similar to MPX, Fluz, and other similar apps. Select a payment amount and pay with credit card, Paypal, or Apple Pay; then use the gift card, which is delivered instantly, to pay for the store or online purchase.  You can select an exact purchase cost to the penny, there is no need to round off.

You get 4% back on all gift cards available on the platform. If you prepay your Slide account, the discount is bumped up to 5%.

Currently the app is only available for iOS. There’s a waitlist to join for Android users.

Additional Details

  • Don’t expect to see Amazon or Walmart on the Slide platform; no one is offering 4-5% discount on the strong brands. There are hundreds of other brands found on Slide, such as Lowe’s, eBay, Uber, Groupon, Grubhub, Southwest, Gamestop, Petco, iTunes, Ulta, Sephora, Dunkin, Panera Bread, Google Play, Doordash, World Market, AutoZone and dozens more.
  • Both Slide app and Raise Cash sell first-hand/brand-new gift cards, in partnership with the retailers themselves. This is different than most purchases which are for second-hand gift cards.
  • To get the 5% cash back rate (additional 1%), you need to preload your Slide account. You can preload any amount between $25 and $2,000. Notably, you can preload exact amounts, it doesn’t have to be a round figure. Thus, for any purchase of $25+, you can always get the full 5% back by simply loading your account and then buying the gift card. For purchases less than $25, you’ll have to actually do a $25 preload of just suffice with the 4% discount.
  • As with Raise Cash purchases, the Slide app will give you both the gift card number and a bar code. This is useful for in-store purchases where a card number alone does not suffice.
  • I assume Slide app and Raise Cash both code as generic purchases on the credit card without any sort of category bonus.
  • A minimum of $15 is required to cash out your Slide balance to Venmo or Paypal. Smaller amounts of cashback should still be able to be used against a future purchase, but won’t be able to be cashed out directly.

Rates Analysis

When comparing the rates Slide to Raise Cash, I’ve noticed that many of the brands available are those that are 4-5% on Raise Cash, meaning that it’s basically the same discount on Slide and on Raise Cash. However, there are many instances where the number diverge, often in favor of Slide, yet other times in favor of Raise Cash.

Here are a number of comparisons for the sake of sampling (note, these rates are true at time of this post and could fluctuate over time):

  • eBay is .5% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Uber/UberEATS is 2% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • DoorDash is 2% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Grubhub is 2% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Dunkin is 1% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Chipotle is 2% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Petco is 2.55% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Lowe’s is 4.75% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Groupon is 4% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Southwest is 5% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • iTunes is 4% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide
  • Domino’s is 7.5% with Raise Cash versus 4-5% with Slide

They probably made it 4% across the board for simplicity sake, and to seem more like a consistent payment method. In reality, it’ll depend on the gift card brand whether Raise Cash is better or Slide is better.

Update History

Update 11/2/20: Topcashback is up to 10% which means 14-15% total (10% + 4%) off all brands sold by Slide with no stated limit. Ends tomorrow, November 3. (ht to reader Max)

Update 11/1/20: You can now get 5.5% cashback by going through the Dollar Dig portal, that’s on top of the 4-5% from Slide and whatever you get from your credit card. No limit shown. There is a $25 cashout minimum with that portal. You can signup for Dollar Dig with my referral link if you want (no bonus for you; $2.50 for referrer). Some of us have used Dollar Dig in the past with success. Other Slide portal options can be found here. (ht GC Galore)

Update 10/5/20: You can also get 5% by going through TCB. Hat tip to GC Galore

Update 7/22/20: The Slide app is now publicly available on Android as well.

Our Verdict

Slide app is very similar to Raise’s existing program called Raise Cash Back which is available in the Raise app and on The difference with the separate Slide app is twofold:

  • The rewards amount is a consistent 4-5% with Slide; with Raise Cash the amount varies (see Rate Analysis, above).
  • The rewards with Slide app can be cashed out to your Venmo or Paypal, or used on your next purchase; with Raise Cash it can only be used toward a future purchase, no cash out option.

Overall it looks like a nifty new option. Some might like the utility of the Slide app, and it’ll be especially useful for brands which have a better discount on Slide than on Raise Cash. Those who use Raise heavily for second-hand gift card purchases will likely prefer just using Raise Cash over Slide to keep all their purchases in one location.

Steady 4-5% discount on eBay is noteworthy, and other brands like Uber/UberEATS, Grubhub and Doordash might be useful too, though those brands often run various discounts on other platforms.

We’ll add this to our Complete List of Methods to Buy Gift Cards with Discounts and Bonus Rewards.

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