Some Micro-Moneymakers With Swagbucks Live


Reader TDD sent in some small moneymakers from the Swagbucks Live app. It’s a separate app which I don’t have and the offers likely vary by person. These are very small wins, but it’s been a slow day so I decided to post the information as it was sent in, let us know if you find it useful.

I found a few small SB money makers in the SBLive app under “More Ways to Earn”. They are super quick to do, track immediately, immediately deposit SB in your account and is tracked as a “Discover” item (which helps with Swago) and allow you to use Google Play credit to make the purchase – great way to convert Google Play opinion money into hard cash. The only annoying part of this deal is that you have to go through the tutorial of each game to get to a point of being able to buy anything. The tutorials for ROK and LOTR are a bit long.

I would call this a “YMMV” deal only because there is no guarantee that these games will be in the list in your app.
You have to be VERY careful to make sure the SBLive app tracks that the game has been installed. If it doesn’t track, anything you do in the game will not track. I know this from experience as FishDom did not track and I did not get credit for my $0.99 purchase…i.e. I lost $0.99 :(.
  • Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
    Requirement: Purchase 30-Day Gem Supply in [Supply Depot] Store
    Cost: $9.99
    Reward: 1200 SB
  • The Lord of the Rings: War
    Requirement: Make a first purchase
    Cost: $0.99 – I forget what I purchased here, but it was a mere $0.99 for something, some gems or some shit.
    Reward: 450 SB
  • Fishdom
    Requirement: Make a purchase in the game
    Cost: $0.99 – I forget what was the item to purchase, again…some gem pack or something for 30 days.
    Reward: 171 SB
    • With Fishdom, I was just too hasty and too excited after getting the first two done that I didn’t think to check if the SBLive app was tracking my install. So I went right to the purchase and had a “goddamn it” moment when I saw the SBLive app was still showing (and still shows to this day) “Not Yet Installed”. Unfortunately, there is no way to go back and undo the offer to redo it. I’m assuming you have to wait the stated number of days for the offer to expire to go back into the list.
  • There is another one for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom, but the payout is a mere 60 SB and I doubt there will be a purchase for under $0.60 to avoid making this a money loser.
I really don’t know what the process is for getting the SBLive app to track the install. Sometimes you have to do nothing more than install the game – just click the link to download, install from Google Play store, open the app and viola!, it is tracking. Other times, I had to close and reopen both the SBLive and game apps multiple times to get it to track. You can’t start to do anything in the game until SBLive tracks the install.

Side note: I’ve played a some games in the SBLive list for some SB (all-in-all 1,056 SB I’ve earned with these games), no spending required just gotta play and meet certain easy goals:

  • Merge Battle 3D – complete level 2 for 10 SB. Took 10 minutes.
  • Lucky Night – scratch 10 times for 23 SB. Took 2 minutes. You open the app and you get 35 scratchers. You might have to watch an ad or two to get through 10 scratchers, but it is easy as pie.
  • Lucky Day – scratch 5 times for 35 SB. Took 2 minutes. Same deal as Lucky Night…easy peasy.
  • Lucky Money – scratch 50 times for 57 SB. The amount of work involved is all of like 10 minutes, but you’ll need 6 hours. You’ll get 45 cards once you create an account connecting your facebook account. To get more scratch cards you have to wait 6 hours after you finish the 45 cards. Once you get past the 6 hours, you’ll get 10 more cards and it’ll get you the 50 cards you need. Every 3-4 cards you have to watch an ad, sadly. It is annoying, but the work involved is minimal.
  • MISTPLAY: Rewards for Playing Games – download & play 1 game from Mistplay to earn Gift Cards for 247 SB. Took like 5-10 minutes, downloaded MISTPLAY, setup a profile of my gaming habits, downloaded solitaire, played one hand, got the 247 SB.
  • Board Kings – Finish Level 1 for 91 SB. This took about 30-40 minutes. It is a dice rolling game
  • Weed Inc.: Idle Tycoon – Finish tutorial and open a weed shop in Los Angeles for 93 SB. This took 6 hours to setup my San Francisco shop to the point that it was earning decently. Let it go overnight. Next day I spent another 3-4 hours playing and I got enough money to open Los Angeles.
  • Solitaire Tripeaks Card Games – complete level 32 for 68 SB, level 48 for an additional 132 SB and level 72 for an additional 300 SB. This took me about 5-6 hours to complete – 3 hours for the first 32, another hour for 48 and another hour for 72. First few levels are basic and cost 500 coins each to play, as you increase in level it’ll cost more and more coins (72 will cost 3000 coins). However, money isn’t the issue here – I ended the offer with 100,000 coins still in my purse! The issue here is that its solitaire that is played like Mahjong – you deal one card at a time and you clear cards that are consecutive (if you draw a 5 you can clear a 4 or a 6, etc.). Some levels will take a couple minutes to clear and are very simple. Others, as you get higher up, have little twists – gotta clear a shark card with a fish card, gotta unlock a card first before clearing it, gotta clear an explosive on a card, etc. You don’t need to spend any money on the game, it just needs 5-6 hours of your time and a bit of patience lol.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

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